A pretty idea for potluck

Its that time of year where we gather, and eat, and eat … and EAT!

Are you out of pot luck ideas ? well here is one for you.

Not only it looks good, but it taste good, its real food (mostly), it has varieties, and its light! So let’s bring a rainbow to the potluck and brighten up that dinner table!


Red: Peanut tofu with Korean bibibap sauce.( for every table spoon of Korean hot sauce add a teaspoon of sugar/sweetner of your choice.  Add 1 tsp of water to thin it out to a yogurt like consistency)

Other options : salmon stuff cherry tomatoes, tobuleh stuff cherry tomatoes, strawberry tarts.

Orange: Mashed sweet potatoes on 3 ingredient cracker. Garnished with parsley.

Other option: Mash carrots, mashed squash or pumpkin

Yellow : Devil eggs

Green: Cucumber garnish with curly carrots. Served with peanut sauce

Other option: avocado stuffed eggs, spinach stuffed mushrooms, tuna stuffed celery

Purple:  Crispy Eggplants serve with mushroom teriyaki sauce.

Cut Eggplant to wedges shape.  Toss in egg, then toss in bread crumbs.  bake at 350F for 20 minutes or until golden brown.  Serve with sauce

Other options: Purple sweet potato stuffed eggs or on cracker, fermented beats, Eggplant grilled cheese, taro mushroom balls.

Recipes will be up for anything that does not have a link yet.  Feel free to contact me if you want the recipes of anything before its up ^^ Happy holidays and enjoy eating healthy real food!!!!!!!!!!




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