Homemade no rice sushi

As you all should know I love sushi …. I am not a big fan of the rice in the sushi but eating raw fish seems too strong when it’s eaten on its own without rice. Found a solution to that ! 

I got my idea from seeing stuffed avocado and think hey that’s something that would match the smoke salmon and raw clams I have ! And here u go … 


  • 1 medium to big size ripe avocado. Mushed with lemon juice 
  • 2 oyster mushroom , sliced thinly
  • Smoke salmon , thinly sliced if it came whole 
  • Clams , bought my from tnt Chinese supermarket about 4-5 pieces 
  • Butter 
  • Flax seed or seaseme seeds 
  1. Take the mushed avocado and form about 12 ovals.  This will be the rice part of your sushi.
  2. Roll it in seeds of your choice and cover the outter part of the oval
  3. Heat a pan and melt butter.  Pan fried the oyster mushroom until it’s soft
  4. Assemble the “rice” part with the toppings of the sushi 
  5. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi

Optional-  for vegetarian option serve with fried eggplant, and zucchini as a topic instead. 

Think I might found a cheaper sub from all you can eat sushi for my fat/ protein cravings hehehe it definitely hit the spot! 


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