Menu of November 15 – 21

This week had been messy and just hectic.  Its the week before the volcano erupt. (I won’t go into detail here since it is a food blog.) Just moody, lazy, and with the days getting shorter that does not help the mood either.

I thought I was organized and ready for this week.  Had a menu planned out and flyers all looked at, but of course many circumstances jump out and its all out of whack.

I also recognized the fact that after switching to a mainly vegetable diet that I am not eating enough calories.  That would explain the constant fatigue I have.  I seriously thought it was because I was coming down with a cold.  So, my goal after I found that out was to watch my calories and eat enough calories.

Sunday November 15

Worked from 9am – 7pm.  Glad I still have energy to cook.

Breakfast ~ Yogurt

Lunch ~Idli ( the Indian pastry I said in my last post.  White with Indian spices)

Dinner: Pan Fried Tempeh, Indian vegetarian curry with eggplant, sweet potato, mushrooms, spring mix salad, rice with yogurt.

 photo C431CA39-CF9D-434D-9D7E-01FED31BCCD7_zpsrbelik44.jpg
My nice photo of the dinner


 photo 17537E64-EE79-4ACD-869C-DF26806F9612_zpsspnatvzh.jpg
How I portion it out. Half a plate of greens, little rice and yogurt, 3 pieces of pan fried tempeh and 1/3 plate of curry.


Monday November 16

Woke up and started to organize freezer and pantry.  Looks soooooo nice!!!! I think I woke up at like 4 or 5 that day since had such a tiring day on Sunday.

 photo 7B4D0ACE-0DBD-4E2F-AC42-581B2C9C9929_zpste3vj6pc.jpg     photo B4BC7E4D-428B-4E63-B8D4-83E08D9A3AFE_zpsqpc2r1px.jpg

Just don’t look at the bottom shelf of the pantry for now.  Hehe

But since I did so well re-organizing … I bought myself a placemat of my people!

 photo A2C73BD6-4A13-48F8-ADEC-82CA8CF3BDE1_zpski8hozxo.jpg
Adorable.  I know!




Brunch ~ Smoothie

Dinner ~ Broccoli , Eggplant with miso paste, left over Indian curry, Spinach and cheese on portabella mushroom.

Snack: Had a guilty pleasure snack today.  Short cake cookies.  Thats when the sugar hit and my mood start going downhill … oops …. I knew cookies are evil!!but they are so gooood


 photo 3B40B4D9-5053-40C2-A5F1-99AA6F87DBB6_zpsn6txcfsz.jpg
Sorry if my picture is tempting anyone right now to fall in the trap of evil cookies.

Tuesday November 17

Brunch ~ Egg Benedict + Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

Dinner ~ Spaghetti Squash with cream of mushroom sauce 

Wednesday November 18

Breakfast ~ Spinach with cheese, and pouched egg with Strawberry banana smoothie.

Lunch ~ Fried chicken ceaser salad

Dinner ~ Egg benedict but on a portabella instead of english muffin.  I love it that way!

Snack ~ Blue corn chips

Thursday November 19

Brunch ~ Avocado Toast on homemade bread.   Bread recipe here except used honey and coconut oil.

 photo 1F3AABC5-2BEE-4270-A57D-1C7467A6F99C_zpslgdisyug.jpg

Dinner: Fried chicken wings from Chinese take out and Squash quinoa tabbouleh.  Recipe from Cookie + Kate and its absolutely what I needed from a hard day at work. I only used 4 ingredients, squash, quinoa, fresh parsley and lemon juice and threw it together within 5 minutes.

Friday November 20


Brunch ~ All you can eat sushi oh ya!!!!!!


Dinner  ~ No noodle pad thai.  It was absolutely amazing and makes me reallllly wanna purchase a vegetable Julienne peeler! One day … so mine looks more like a salad instead of a noodle form but its ok , its the taste that matters right ?
 photo B2A24022-FBA4-4122-891E-B0469E11839B_zpshq6gcsbj.jpg

I also made peanut fried tofu.(note to self ..must make that salad in that recipe too!!)  Instead of baking it I just pan fried it and add the peanut sauce.  Faster and less electricity used since it cost so much 😦 hehe.
 photo C0DE9E5B-3A0F-4FBF-BA4E-0BB8F996844C_zps0zi646pm.jpg

 Saturday November 21 

Being a bad bad BAD example here only eating one meal only and not prepared at all after a good day of eating on Friday.  I was up early in the morning and ran around and work all day and had barely time to eat dinner.  I think that’s when my mood started to spiral down. (more update on next week’s post. )

Dinner ~  My favorite Indian Briyani with chopped vegetable yogurt. (Theres a name for this I forgot again!).  I ate 5 bowls of this.  (probably another cause of my down mood from too much glucose ? Will have to do more research before I say so hehe)

So ….. there it was .. a crazy week,  the start of a spiral down of eating less healthy food. I didn’t want to add what I had for snacks so you folks won’t crave the crazy things I had.(chocolate, chips etc.)  I guess I was too focus on getting enough calories and less focus on the quality of the meals.  Consequences comes this following week.  Stay tune.





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