My journey of getting over this brewing flu 

Go in your pantry instead of the medicine cabinet the first sign is a secret to long term health


It all started that one Friday where I decided that I need to eat healthier. I went out that night and had chocolate fondue 

And yup that’s how I caught the flu. 

Saturday – woke up with extreme muscle pain and little fever and I know I needed to do something quick. Drowned myself with kimbucha and are lots of greens. No meat 

Sunday + Monday same as Saturday.

Tuesday – needed to go out to see a specialist.  Started to feel extremely cold.  Tried to sleep it off all day

Wednesday – needed to go to work.  Still drowning myself with kimbucha and turmeric in everything.  Felt more energetic cuz I had more smoothie than usual.  

Thursday – uh oh , sored throat. A sign that my flu might break out ? 4 drops of oregano oil. YUCK… But an hour after I took that sored throat was gone , sinus cleared up. Oh it feels good! 

Friday – one day I have to take the bus to work – to make sure I don’t catch a cold again ( from gems on bus and also strong wind that say gusting at around 40km/h, cold wind usually makes me sick if I don’t prep for it) I drank a cup of golden milk ( turmeric , raw honey and coconut milk) before heading out.  Worked like a charm ! 

Sat + Sun ~ my day to clean the store and usually dust makes me very ill.  My throat would swell up and I would have problem breathing.  Bought my oregano oil with me , added a few drop to boiling water and sniffed.  Feels good and it stimulate my mucus to clean the passage of my nose ! Lot less discomfort for sure !! 


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