Pouched soup vs Canned soup follow up

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“You look so good Happy Planet Pouched Soup and I’m still hungry after eating my own content, let me eat you :p”

Remember my review here about pouched soup a few days ago ?

 photo 7CECF3CB-594D-4414-A921-3B2A62FD502D_zpsujlasubk.jpg

By no means I am for the pouched soup.  I just think it is a healthier alternative to canned soup.  Coincidentally I bought a juice from the same company and was doing some research online.  This site goodguide.com looks decent and it was the top of the Google search.  It was after reading a few review that I started to dig deeper and its very interesting what I found.

The “experts” on their team. 


No nutritionist at all.  So who is analyzing my food ? The engineer ? I understand they are not only analyzing food but still I would think a nutritionist should be the one who is reviewing any food product.

Unclear rating rubric



Anyone else confused after reading that ? So you are telling me you are really rating food base on environment and social effects ? Or is my English that bad that I just didn’t understand them correctly ?

Example rating

Look at the rating they gave Campbell’s soup.  This is what got me questioning about their rating at first place. 


7.9 for nutrition score? you are kidding me right ? First thought was how much did Campbell’s pay you.  Let’s compare to the rating they gave to the pouched soup I had the other day.


4.7 on nutrition score….. They didn’t even bother giving a score on other categories and guess not including the word ORGANIC in their ingredient listing, which is missing for the Campbell soup if you havent notice already.

Conclusion ~ 

Campbell’s soup was a big part of my life before knowing how to read labels and I am not trying to bashed them nor support the pouched soup nor I am here to claim which one is healthier.  I am just trying to make a point that don’t trust ratings 100% even if they look like they have lots of credential and especially when backed up by governments.

It feels like the only thing we can trust these days are our own body and my brain is telling me that something that needs to be refrigerated has to be healthier than something that doesn’t rot for 5 years.


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