Happy planet juice

 photo 4EDC1A99-DA9C-45DE-92A5-DC041066F632_zpseztrpj5n.jpg

Rushing between two jobs is always hard. Making the right choices when time is tight is harder. I am a slow person and loads like a Window 95 when I am at the grocery store. I have to stare at one thing, read everything, then think long about it before deciding if I want it. Yet I only had 15 minutes to shop between work for my next 5 meals.

That juice looks like the best choice at a grocery store that I went to.  Or is it ? Let’s look at the label

 photo 3D58B5D1-0B5C-42F9-8F11-82473A836229_zpsvjnksmys.jpg

Seems healthy and real right? Except there is 30g of sugar in one cup.. EEK.  Had to do some research on this.

Ingredients I wasn’t sure about were

Yerba mate extract

Rosehip powder

Citrus bioflavonoids

After thought ~ I guess the 30g of sugar can be just fructose OR refine sugar that is added in the puree.  Yes it is healthier than the other fruit juices but without knowing if its real food 100% I doubt I will be buying this again at $5.49 + tax.

I am though just glad it doesn’t taste like cough syrup even though the after taste of tons of sugar left behind on my tongue is a little un-easy.  Listening to my body sometimes is certainly more truthful than the label on products 100% of the time!


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