Food menu november 11-14Sat

It is getting very cold and that makes me lazy, or it is a perfect excuse to be lazy ><

Anyways Wed to Sunday usually means lots of running around because I work “long” hours and are usually extremely exhausted by the end of the work day.  Still manage to keep up eating healthy which is awesome!!!

The hours of my work seems short, but it drains since my brain has to run the full hours, no break at all! (I am a special need worker and a piano teacher.)

Wednesday November 11 

Breakfast ~ Chocolate Carob Shake

Lunch ~ Vietnamese shrimp rice wrap.  $6 bought take out. For $6 I can probably make 30 of these at home …. well ok I lied shrimp is expensive hehe

Snacks ~ Kombucha, coconut chips

Dinner ~ Pouched soup with added turmeric 

Thursday November 12

Brunch ~ Eggstyle Egg and Fruit, skipped the toast $10

Snack ~  coconut chips, blue corn chips, kombucha, 2 deep fried chicken wings :p, a pack of 5 M&M 

Dinner ~ Bargain dish at Rainbow Food Store ^^ $1.99 brown rice noodles with vegetable.  Usually my stomach might feel a little bit icky for having so much noodles but no it was AWESOME!

 photo 3B30B76F-50BD-49FA-B758-6C657C9971F9_zpsnlaisnwc.jpg

 photo F8E7A243-F8F5-4E6C-AE9F-B9D9AC9D5D50_zpsy0nlmeu1.jpg

Friday November 13

Brunch ~ Golden Milk to warm myself up cuz there was a big temperature drop

Dinner ~ Mushroom spinach onion pizza on whole wheat pita, coconut cheese cake , matcha smoothie.

 photo 2BC590A3-B909-42E4-BBCF-957482302352_zpshpuqownx.jpg
Saturday November 14

I am so bad for packing more than one meal.  Since I work a lot and don’t get to cook over weekend I have to pack 3 or 4 meals.  I appologize the meals today are not going to be as healthy but I am trying still to be healthier than usual.

Breakfast ~ Matcha smoothie

Lunch ~ I forgot what they are call … they taste so awesome and its made with rice flour and some kind of lentil like beans and steamed.  Dressed with Indian spice and olive oil.  Maybe some of you can tell me the  name of this pastry.  It is so yummy.

 photo A487CFDD-3868-4754-862B-116B6BA422E5_zpsgoavnfmr.jpg

and then theres this drink ….. review of the drink here $5.49

 photo 4EDC1A99-DA9C-45DE-92A5-DC041066F632_zpseztrpj5n.jpg

Dinner ~ Same pizza as Friday night and tempeh salad

Snacks~ Yogurt, coconut chips, blue corn chips


I feel a lot more energetic by cutting out a lot of refine sugar and sodium out of my body.  I think it has to do with the fact that my liver does not have to detox as much.  I am also trying hard to eat gluten free products and fresh products even if I have to buy take out.   My students can probably tell the difference of me being more positive and energetic even with a brewing (should be dying now, hopefully, no outburst like before) cold.

Total food cost for just me one person because I ate out $50 for past 4 days.

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