Pouched Soup ? An alternatives to canned soup.

I am a shopaholic especially when it comes to food.  I like to walk around grocery stores and check out what they have for sale and getting great deals makes me happy. (Ok I am weird)

Was walking around Whole Food Store the other day and caught this pouched soup on sale.  It was $4.59 and this is the first time I am trying this pouched soup idea.

So its like a canned soup except you have to refrigerate it and it expires in a month.  Of course it said there’s no preservatives but I do question what do they put in there to make it last a month old.   Pretty much you open the bag, microwave or stove heat it, and thats it.

Anyways the taste though is AWESOME! No overwhelming flavors, just taste fresh, subtle, well blended together.  Perfect for someone like me who is fighting off the start of a flu. Of course I added turmeric in the soup as it boils.  Here are the ingredients.

 photo 0BA2F013-387A-460D-9883-8A38C1C917DF_zpslhec08tv.jpg

At least its not drowned with sodium to preserve it like canned soup.  So for you Campbell’s fans out there, this is an alternative way.  Yes its double the price, but half a pouch filled me up already.  Definitely will do more researches on this pouched soup tho.  Wait for the follow up blogs :p


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