Healthy Food Myth Busters

These are the excuses and myth people believe about eating healthier.

  1. Healthy food are boring and blanch. I don’t want to eat salad only the rest of my life!

“It’s not the healthy food that’s boring, its you who are.” ~ Me

All you really need is creativity ! That is what this website is here for, help you spark your creativity! Healthy food is not all salad and smoothie.  It’s whatever you want to make it really.

2. I can’t cook/I am too lazy to cook

I like the the fact too where you can just pay money and get food too and I have been doing it since I was very young too! My grandma used to take care of me and gave me money everyday to eat out because I hate eating at home. I would go to Mcdonalds everyday before going to school at age 7.  I would never bring a lunch either in highschool.  It was poutine and fries and burgers everyday.  Even when I did cook at home it would be microwave dinners, canned soup and fried items you can throw in the oven.  Even as an adult I eat out probably 5 times a week at least.  (This would be the only time I am thankful for my hyperthyroidism because if not I think I would be 300lbs by now)

Don’t get me wrong I am an amazing cook (or so I was told I am), but being healthy doesnt really require you to be amazing.  Being healthy is really all about BEING AWARE of what you are eating.  are you reading the labels ? Do you understand all the ingredients ? Are there any hidden ingredients ? Are you reading up on things you are eating a lot of ?

3. I AM eating healthy.  I cook at home and only eat out once a week but why do I still have health problems?

Again are you looking at the ingredients of what you are consuming ? I once had a lady who complain about her weight every time I see her.  She claims she is eating healthy. By just looking at her menu it seems very healthy.  Let me break it down for you.

Breakfast ~ whole wheat honey bunch cereal that claims they have tons of fiber with 2% milk and half a cup of blue berries  on occasions, green tea.

Lunch ~ Canned black bean and cheese wrap/canned tuna wrap/ whole wheat honey bunch cereal/costco frozen chick pea patty with tangerine or Activia Yogurt, salad with store bought dressing, pita with hummus

Snacks ~ prepackage jello, pudding, “natural” fruit juice popsicles, microwave popcorn, store bought juice

Dinner ~ black bean with rice and vegetable, frozen fish pieces, hummus, salad, chicken, lentil soup,

At this point you are probably thinking she eats so much more healthier than what many of you are eating already.  In a calories perspective yes she is consuming less than what she needs a day and should be loosing weight.

These are the big problems tho

~ Packaged food products ~ Most of the boxed, bottled and pre-packaged products will have more sodium and/or sugar than you really need.  This lady is easily consuming twice or three times the sugar/sodium she is having from all the packaged up products. Not to mention that the product probably contain minimal amount of the ingredients they claim they have.  Their vitamin and mineral are also fortified and our body is not made to absorb those fortified vitamins and minerals.

There’s the ingredients of the particular cereal she eats.  More on the evil behind grocery store products in later post with researches and links to back up my theories.

~ Balance ~ Its a lot of grain because she want to have the full feeling for less calories.  Most fruit and probiotic she consumed – icecream and popsicles, canned beans, bottled juices, yogurt without live bateria, are really all junk as well.  So she is getting actually probably only 1 ~ 2 servings of actually real vegetable and legume a day and too much diary and grain products.

~ Cooking Method ~ and many other research and studies shown that an adequate amount (about 50%) of raw food or low temperature cooking is beneficial in a way that  vitamins and minerals, and enzyme the body need is not vanished during heat.  This lady eat a lot of already made food  (which probably was cooked at a high temperature), and does mostly baking and boiling her food.

4. Less calories = healthy (thats what the lady thought too)

Chocolate bar = 100 calories

3 Tomatoes also = 100 calories

Point made ?

5. Eating Healthy is Expensive 

Sure it look pricey.  Why ? Because they use real ingredients and that is the actual cost of producing a high quality product.  The question to ask is how do big companies make them so cheap ? By using fake stuff, chemicals, different crazy methods with added fortified vitamins that your body does not absorb.

I understand its hard to pay $6 for a real squeezed juice when you can get the fake one for $2 that taste the same, and looks like it has the same if not more vitamins and minerals.  I will show you in my later blog also how to eat healthy on a budget as well.  What is absolutely mandatory to pay  the high price for, and what you can cheat a little of but still stays healthier.

One of the thing I notice myself is I spent a lot less on snacks once I started on healthy food.  I went through a bag of chocolate a day ? if not more? (i’m such a sucker for sweet and chocolate, I’m sure you can tell from my very sweet recipes loool) I can also go through 3 bags of chips, 3 cans of pop, 1 tub of icecream, 1 pack of cookies , 1 small size cake in a week.  (ok .. I didnt know I was that bad until I typed it out just now ….. no wonder I was always low on money and energy :p )  Now that I started to eat healthier I have less craving, actually minimal cravings for junk. Keep looking out for my blog which I will write about what I do in substitute for cravings for junk!

Hope this little blog can help you re-think what healthy food is about.  These are all personal experiences and my own struggles into eating healthier.  It is life changing, lots of responsibility and lots of work to be done, yet it is all worth it at the end!!


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