The beginning of healthy eating- menu of November 6-10

Believe it or not it all started with her

 photo pikachu2.jpg

3 years ago my first parrot. She helped me rethink my diet and the way I am living and since then not only did I slowly change my diet but also cleaning products and cosmetic products I use.

Yet funny thing is I didnt change drastically until this previous week. Like many of you I was stopped by these MYTH of healthy eating.  Thanks to a friend’s influence though I finally made it.

So this was the menu for November 6- 13

anything in color is not the best choice for food. anything in red is try to avoid.

November 6-

was going to get salad but end up going to subway instead (trust me subway is not as healthy as u think – heres why).  horrible food must admits but it was 2 fir one deal. $10

Dinner – Homemade indian food with chickpeas, chicken, yogurt , rice – $8 with tons of left over, shrimp ring

Snacks ~ Chocolate fondue with fruits, store bought cookies, 

November 7 –

breakfast – cucumber , celery , ginger lemon , kombucha smoothie ($1 a cup home made)

lunch – nachoes with frozen pulk pork , cheese, veggies , sour cream and guocamole ($10 all together), kombucha ($3.99)

snack- appricot yogurt,(4 for $5) coconut chips ($3.99)

dinner- kale salad with tempeh($4.99 store bought)

November 8 –

breakfast ~ apricot yogurt

lunch ~ Left over chick peas and yogurt, naan bread ($2.50)

snacks ~ apricot yogurt, left over coconut chips

dinner ~  left over chick peas and yogurt and naan bred

November 9

Brunch ~ matcha carob chocolate smoothie ($2 home made)

Dinner ~ Quinoa vegetable burger ($5~$10 ) with Green smoothie ($1)

Snack ~ Chocolate pudding home made ,(10 cents) apricot yogurt, coconut chips, chocolate , cracker with mozzerella cheese and onion jam, celeries

November 10

Brunch ~ Tempeh salad home made ($2), left over burger, green smoothie($1)

Dinner ~ Portebella mushtroom with cheese and salad, Portebella mushroom with cheese burger ($5), Matcha smoothie ($1),

Snacks ~ M&M small pack 

After thought after 5 days of healthy eating

  • Less cravings ~ up to last week I can still eat a whole big pack of chocolate or chips or if I see snacks I would have to eat it (I work at a convenience store and I see them all the time), yet this week I only have craving for chocolate(hey I am a woman after all)
  • More energy ~ I am usually dead after dinner. Now I actually have more energy after dinner
  • Happier, more positive = more motivation ~ I feel better not wasting so much money on buying food instead of cooking.  Also realize it really doesnt take that much time to cook a very good tasting meal. (average 15 – 30minute so far)
  • Save $$$ ~ You think with all the expensive food I spend more.  Usually I would spend about $10-15 on a meal, twice or 3 times a day, so lets say $30 a day x 5 = $150 a week for two people,  + snacks.  This week so far we have spend about $60~$70 on groceries.  Mainly really trying to use up what we have in our fridge and pantry already.

About $50 spent for two people for all the food and snacks and drinks.

So good start so far ! Lets hope I can keep it up! Especially when I am starting a cold/flu/whatever it is.


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