Me – Minnie the minion

At least thats who i was when i was born….eventho I dont look like it in this picture at 4 months

 photo FB_IMG_1447195292382_zpskgj0swcs.jpg
Short and not quite healthy as others.  I would refuse breast milk as a kid then later on complain about join pain when I could speak till this day.  I also got hyperthyroid grave disease inherrited by my mother which doctors thought for the longest time was depression.  My immune system was so screw up that I would catch whatever its contagious if it came close to me.  My menstruation was so painful I would have cold sweats and would walk like an old lady even after taking 4 pain killers.

So that being said I was fed many different medicines .  Anti-inflammatory meds, anti biotics as I always had gotten infections here and there , anti depressens, hyperthyroid pills, so many antit his and all that makes me anti- medicine person.

 photo IMG_20141230_221103_zpslxtmz9ob.jpg

One day a light bulb popped up.  If these pills works why are they giving me nothing but worst side effects ? why do i feel worst after I take anti biotics ? There must be another way. Doctors are not allowed to tell you this other way of course ….sad really since you expect them to educate us non educated people in the right way…… nope …

So its in our own hands to do researches and experiments on our own.  Trust your own guts instinct and take up the reponsibility of getting that good health yourself.  Of course I have no educational background in health nor have billions of dollars to research my statements.  Thats why this blog is here.  To be a live example of what I did, changes I made and sharing this journey with all of you out there.  Hope it will be influencial and beneficial.


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